progress chart


I found a cool Android app that fits a trend line to weight measurements and predicts meeting a goal.

Getting my weight down is something my doctors have been bugging me about.  I’m using the same technique I used before, John Walker’s Hacker diet, but this time I’m tracking it with another Android app linked to the site.  What neither the site nor the app had was an easy graphing/trendline capability.  Now I have that, too.

Looks like I’ll get down to my goal just in time to ruin it over the holidays.

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One Comment on “progress chart”

  1. Jerome Says:

    My old boss, Patti Beadles, came up with a program that I’ve decided to use to try and get my weight down to one I’m comfortable with. Basically, cut out anything that has HFCS, don’t eat out unless you know where the food comes from, and eat lots more fruit and veg.

    I’m trying it out, but the thing I have to be careful about is eating something because I think “it’s good for me.” The moment my diet is about deprivation or punishment, it stops being something I want to do, and if I don’t want to do it, I won’t — it’s a trend throughout my life, actually — so I have to avoid that particular trigger. It’s one of the reasons why I’m trying to find a workout routine that doesn’t feel like I’m torturing myself.

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