Angie’s List is running a promotion I found amusing, but not for the reason they suggest.

Because nobody puts "re-gifted gifts" on their wish list.

I like the idea of getting something regifted.  It appeals to both my sense of irony and my sense of utility.

My wishlist, if anybody cares, is here.

But, if you have something you’re not using anyway, particularly still in the packaging, that you think I’d find useful or amusing, by all means regift it.  Got a strange kitchen tool you don’t use?  I’m trying all sorts of new things in my kitchen.  Have a set of cool wineglasses, but you quit drinking years ago?  I have a nice Pinot that needs a glass.  Did you misunderstand a DVD title, and it turned out to be some weird science-fiction soft-core porn?  Well.. I’ll give it a look, anway.

It just seems to me that having a gift whose only purpose is to demonstrate that gravity is still working is of zero, perhaps negative, value.  If nothing else, I’ll find it amusing.


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