Security’s weak link: Us.

This week in Wired there is an article on the real problem with security: People. Even if you tell people you’re going to infect their system, they’ll go download it. The original article goes into more detail about the process, and the results.

This is not a new problem. A substantial percentage of the clueless will give you their password in exchange for candy or a pen. Kevin Mitnick, in this month’s Playboy, describes getting passwords to secure phone company sites just by being nice.

I guess I’m amused.


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2 Comments on “Security’s weak link: Us.”

  1. Tom Comeau Says:

    A followup. I forgot the PIN associated with one of my SecurID keychain tokens. When I called for help, the support person suggested that I write the new PIN on a little piece of paper, and tape it to the back of the SecurID token.

    So much for two-factor authentication.


  2. […] signon, but not what you wanted. I previously discussed user-level security.  This morning, I ran across this story about system administrators, and how they manage […]

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