Don't panic, it's just a performance review

I’m about to send out the appraisal form, which we are also using for self-appraisals this year. I need them back by July 7th, so there’s not a lot of time.

Feel free to give yourself ratings, as well as make comments that I’ll find helpful in writing your appraisal. Feel free to write something separate, too.

The format and layout of the appraisal tool, and the numerical rating system, were dictated by HR and the senior management of the Institute. As a result, you may find that the final rating seems lower than you’d expect. Don’t panic.

First, differences of something like ten or fifteen points aren’t meaningful. There are five broad categories, and I don’t expect there will be anybody in the top category of the bottom two. Within the remaining two categories, while a “Meets and Exceeds” is better than a “Successfully Meets”, differences of several “points” within “Successfully Meets” probably has more to do with the math behind the instrument than real ratings differences.

Second, the evaluation is against expectations. If you’re a Principal or a Senior, that means expectations are already very high, so the ratings are done against very high expectations. For everybody, the expectation is that you’re going to meet the civility standards, so it would take unusual deviation from expectations (either positive or negative) to get anything but a “3” rating on your first goal. The professional development goals are specific to each of you, so we set specific expectations. I, for example, expect to get a “2” on my PD goal, because I only did part of it, and never got around to getting my PMI certification.

We’ll be sending the exact same form to your lead (and if you’re a lead, your CE) and in some cases to Mission Office people. If there are people you’d like to have me ask for input, please let me know.

But mostly, don’t panic.


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