Performance Appraisal Process

Yep, HR has finalized the plan and schedule for Performance Appraisals. The process kicks off this week, and gets us doing the appraisals right after the end of the goal period. (Which is certainly what *I* want to see.)

The process this year is intended to work as follows: (lifted shamelessly from their memo)

Week of June 19, 2006

  • Division Management should meet with all Division reviewing managers and establish
    the performance appraisal process and deadlines for this year.
  • Managers should inform employees of the beginning of the process and provide
    instructions for completion of self-appraisal, if required.
  • Managers should solicit input from other raters.
  • Manager training for performance appraisal process conducted.
  • Managers should begin compiling information to be used for input to performance
    appraisals. Managers may begin completing performance appraisal forms for employes.

Weeks of June 26 and July 3

  • Employees may begin accessing the appraisal form to complete self-appraisal comments.
  • Employees should be instructed to indicate self-appraisal comments. Employees or other
    raters are not to provide rating.
  • Managers complete performance appraisal forms for employees.
  • Managers should be collecting other rater input. Other raters must sign off on input.

Week of July 10

  • Self-appraisals, if used, due to managers no later than COB, July 7.
  • Managers complete performance appraisals

Week of July 17 and Week of July 24

  • Managers complete performance appraisals

Week of July 31

  • All appraisals due to Division Management.
  • Division Management reviews appraisals and forwards to HR review no later than COB
    August 4.

Weeks of August 7 and 14

  • HR completes appraisal review and returns signed appraisals to Division for employee
    performance conferences.
  • Once reviewed appraisal is returned, managers may meet with employees one on one for
    individual performance conferences.

Weeks of August 21 and August 28

  • Merit Increase Process – Worksheets delivered to Divisions. Must be returned to HR
    with recommendations by September 1.

Weeks of September 4 and September 11

  • Executive Review of Merit Increases

Week of September 18

  • Communication of Merit Increases

October 1, 2006

  • New pay rates in effect first pay period beginning in October.
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