Last item on the All-Hands. Retreat and Ivan.

Joe’s comments on the retreat:

End of FY05 and start of FY06 was very challenging for the management team, which got in the way of working together. We met offsite in March to start a recovery process. We put a bunch of issues on the table, and have been talking about them since.

We now have a better understanding of our expectations and re-learned how to work together as a team.

Who is Ivan?:

Management consultant with a technical background who has worked with Matt before at Gemini, as well as JPL, Keck and ALMA.

Joe expected Ivan to have a little low-key discussion about how to “tune-up” ESS. Turned in to a workshop with users and customers and ESS staff to talk about what our problems are, and how we might structure itself to best serve the needs of STScI.

You can get a good description of what we did at the Theme Teams wiki pages.


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